Blockages in your energy system could be affecting the way your body functions, repairs, heals, as well as that of your perception.

The great news is you can release your blockages!

From the moment you rise, to you placing your head back on the pillow, every action, thought and movement, will be affected by the way your body’s energy system is currently functioning.

Just for a second consider how your energy felt when you woke up this morning. Did you feel alert, rested, tired, sluggish or rejuvenated…was it different to other days?

Similarly, do you find your energy changing at certain points during your day? 

I do not need to be a psychic to determine the answer, as I am sure you are no different to the hundreds of adults and children that have been through our clinic door. In every case, just like you every moment of their day feels different.

Not only does your energy feel different, but just as importantly so does your mind; your emotions; your physical body, and in particular those aches and pains. Everything in your body along with how you feel, is determined by how your energy system is currently functioning.

When you consider how water flows in a stream, every obstacle in its path causes a disturbance to the flow. Over the years this will cause an affect to the streams ecosystem as far as what travels and lives in it. As time goes by, unless it is cleared those blockages can cause devastation, as parts become stagnant and one obstruction causes another and another.

You can see where we are going with this, and how it relates to your body. Yes we too need to have flow, if we want to be fully active and functional in our lives today, let alone preparing us for when we are older. And just like the stream, you have your blockages brought about by trauma’s, issues, accidents and conflicts that go all the way back to your childhood.

In fact, everything that you have experienced…the good, the bad and the ugly affects how your energy system is currently flowing. In turn that affects you mentally, emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually, physiologically and not least energetically.

Logic states that you cannot go through your life and expect your one and only body to function, repair and heal, unless there is a free flow of communication around it.

Let me ask you ‘How many traumas, issues, injuries or illnesses have you experienced in the last 12 months?’ Now multiply that by your age. That number is just representative of some of your blockages, that affect the free flow of communication in your body. And just like the stream if you have one blockage then another builds up behind it. When we simply look at our lives and our bodies we can see the logic.

So how do these blockages affect you mind?

In short every experience affects the way in which your brain and mind is programmed.  You become conditioned, based on the way you store information, which then influences your preferences i.e. your likes and dislikes. So your perception is based on your life’s experiences to date. This is when life becomes restricted, the boundaries start building up around you. In most cases a decision can bring happiness on one outcome or sadness or disappointment on the other.

So life becomes choices with either a positive or a negative outcome. And that’s tough! 

But is it the only way?

There are many academics such as Professor Robert Winston1  who theorises about the plasticity of the brain, which are inline with our observations in the clinic. ‘That there is nothing permanent about the way our mind works or how you perceive your world. Whether it is emotionally, psychologically or intellectually nothing is set in stone.’ Great NEWS!

Just like we learn to stimulate our mind with education, the mind is plastic and can be rewired. Or as others may say, you can press some master rest buttons, and loose some of your conditioning, learnt thoughts and perceptions.

It may sound like a really weird thought that we can rewire our brains, but it is very real. 

Here’s a classic example of a situation that we both experienced. You see I like ballet and Michael didn’t. There was no way when we first met that Michael would willingly take me to see ballet. So when the question came up about going to the ballet one of us was going to be disappointed. And this was our life before RaphaYad Bioenergy Treatment. That was then. NOW we both enjoy ballet. It was as if something neutralised my preferences i.e. my perception. Now I could enjoy the ballet with Joanne. So it was a win win situation for both of us.

Oh, and then we have your physical body!

So imagine this for a minute. Your relaxed on an empty beach, the sun is shining and you are just laying there listening to the water and the fluttering of the seagulls. Life is bliss, your mind is nice and relaxed and your body just sinks into the sand.

But reality is that most of you live in a city, and your minds are not empty, and something has just stressed you out. Now we know that your mind doesn’t exist in isolation. The stress doesn’t just trigger your mind to react, but it naturally affects your physical body. In this example, it goes straight to the shoulders, such a weight ii feels like that you are carrying around.

And it is this connection between the stress and the shoulders that we need to understand.

You see every region of your brain connects a physical part of your body. And when you are stressed it affects the communication that travels down your spinal cord and into your shoulders in this case.

So here we have a classic example of how your perception of a situation triggers the stress that in turn affects you shoulders.

What we see is a further example of how communication around your body is affected, rather than signals just travelling around freely. And for the duration that you are feeling stressed,  it is like your worst enemy is turning up the dial and sending a current from your brain to shoulders, back and forth.

So logic kicks in again when we consider that if we can neutralize our perception in many a case, then once again this can reduce the physical reaction in our body.

We can give you so many examples of this, but let us just look at one final one. 

When I had my spinal problems in my lumbar region, I also had digestive problems. Although I didn’t understand why at the time, in hindsight I can reflect back and consider the logic ‘If you have a breakdown in communication in one area i.e. my lumber then it is no surprise that it affects other physiological systems in that same area i.e. my digestive system. In short everything is connected and nothing exists in isolation.

…You don’t need to be walking around in an adaptive or in a non-productive way. 

In fact you might well ask for a refund, if someone sold you a product that is functioning to the same level as your body is. We have seen hundreds of clients that have become so disassociated with their bodies, that they just plod on and get through their daily cycle of efforts, chores and struggles as a means to just survive.

There is more to your life. You do not need to be a poor me, or so aloof that you can’t see your life road map. 

We said we were here to help!

So here we are.

Since 2002, we have been treating and helping adults, children and infants. In fact we have recently celebrated our 10,000th treatment session. So, we know our stuff!

We don’t want you to be a pill popper for years to come. We don’t want you to supress your symptoms with medication. We don’t want you to limp around emotionally or physically. We want to help you to help yourself.

It is not about finding the cure, and ‘bingo’ all your life’s problems are solved. What we want to do is share with you a dynamic technique that can help your body to help itself; by way of releasing blockages that will improve the flow in your body’s energy system; increase your body’s ability to heal, repair and function…effectively, efficiently and preventatively; improve it’s connectivity; and lead to an improved quality of life for you.

All it needs is a little investment. Not in us but in you. You need to consider what you are worth and what it means to you to have a life that is fulfilling; a life that connects you with your environment that you live and work in; a life that will bring you happiness, fulfillment, joy and laughter.

And how do we know this, because we are not the people that we were 10 years ago and neither are the hundred’s of client’s that have been through our clinic door.

I am definitely not the Joanne who experienced chronic anxiety and heart pumping panic attacks. That prevented me from even traveling to work, that eventually caused me to quit my job. I am not just everyone else’s helper. I can actually say for once in my life I am EMPOWERED.

I am more complete than ever before. Because just like you I chose to go through treatment on myself using Bioenergy Treatment…read more.

And neither am I the Michael who experienced debilitating spinal disorders for 20 years of my life, 18 food intolerances and hypersensitive to just about everything in and around my environment. Through self-treatment of Bioenergy Treatment I am not that paranoid guy that had to have rigid boundaries around me to protect myself. I am now a Triathlete, that can eat any food that I like to.

I have gained a heightened INSTINCTUAL functioning that enables me to understand that ‘in order to gain control, you need to lose control…and then you realise that you didn’t need it in the first place!’…read more.

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