3 -4 November

Venue – London


Standards of Excellence – Feature article in CAM Magazine about training and setting the standards

Welcome to the Bioenergy Treatment Training School

The Bioenergy Treatment Training School was established in 2002 by Michael and is highly regarded in the field of Bioenergy Healing. Michael is also founder of RaphaYad TM Bioenergy Treatment.

The Bioenergy Treatment Training School presents a unique opportunity for you to train with its founder, and acknowledged International Expert Michael Cohen. Michael teaches this dynamic form of Bioenergy Treatment for self-treatment all the way through to professional training.

RaphaYad TM Bioenergy Treatment is an established and affective technique.

There are a range of courses for you whether you are a beginner, client, practitioner or if you are just interested in learning how you can you use your hands and energy as an effective and efficient tool on yourself and friends around you.

 Training Courses…

  • Foundation Training Workshop
  • Bioenergy Scanning Technique Workshop
  • Practitioner Training Course
  • Natural Eye Vision Correction Course
  • Group and Corporate Courses

This is your opportunity for you to join an ever-expanding group of students and experience the proven and successful RaphaYad Bio Energy Treatment techniques that he has developed and mastered with you.

I look forward to working with you.  

Energy Sensitivity 

Bioenergy Treatment techniques can be taught to anyone who is electromagnetic sensitive i.e. you can feel energy in their hands or body (tingling, heat, draft, coolness, pulling, vibration). 

It’s full potential is always to be explored and expanded on. The more you work with the technique the more it enhances and your electromagnetic sensitivity increases. It never stands still; the more it continues to evolve the more dynamic are your results.

Explore & Experiment

Explore a 1-2-1 Treatment before you commit yourself to a training course. This experiential session will give you a good overview of the techniques involved. 


“I was very impressed with how much was taught in the time that we had. Not at one point did it feel like i was being overloaded with information, i think this was because we were taught only what we needed to know and Michael talks plainly and simply. No long monologues. Everything we talked about was backed up by practical application so it all made perfect sense. Michael was also good at working with all the different personalities of the group so no one felt left out” …read more

Feedback from Workshops

“Action packed and very enjoyable. Very good” 

A.P., London


“Nice to see energy work put in its proper place” 

T.R., Thailand


“Amazing – I’m fascinated and need to know more” 

L.F.P., London


“Thanks for working with us and opening our minds to new and interesting possibilities” 

E.F., West Midlands


“Very practical, easy to integrate in everyday life” 

P.H., London


“Interesting and tantalising method. Very appealing” 

S.D., Rochester


“Very interesting & mind expanding” 

L.R., London