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Explore a 1-2-1 treatment with Master 

Energy Therapist Joanne Cohen at her 

London Clinic or a Distance Treatment with 

Master Energy Therapist Michael Cohen.

Discover how you can help yourself by 

learning how to treat yourself with Founder 

and Master Bioenergy Treatment Teacher

Michael Cohen.

The Bioenergy Treatment Research Foundation


Administration Office 

38 Devonshire Road, Harrow, NW London, HA1 4LR, United Kingdom


The Bioenergy Treatment Clinic, Light Centre, 7-9 Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London SW1W 9LX

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Medical Disclaimer, Advice and Theories

Here at the Bioenergy Treatment Clinic we do not diagnose illness, injuries or diseases. Our treatment is based on treating the client and how their symptoms resonate in them rather than treating the symptom or issue.

Treatment at the Bioenergy Treatment Clinic is here to complement rather than replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified general practitioner/doctor or other health care professional. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Michael Cohen and The Bioenergy Treatment Clinic. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified general practitioner/doctor or a health care professional where thought necessary. Should you wish to get a medical diagnosis of your symptoms, seek other treatments or medication alongside Bioenergy Treatment, then that is an option for you to consider.

The Bioenergy Treatment Research Foundation is registered with certified medical associations. Our work follows strict ethical guidelines and codes of practice within a professional framework. We do not promote or endorse any spiritual, philosophical or religious teachings. An individual should be free to determine, follow and gain strength in their own belief.

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More Info about Bio Energy Treatment


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Welcome to RaphaYad TM Bioenergy Treatment.

RaphaYad™ Bioenergy Treatment is the pioneering yet established energy treatment that is offered exclusively at our London Clinic and Distance Treatment Clinic. 

Senior Practitioner Joanne Cohen and International Bioenergy Treatment expert & founder Michael Cohen launched the clinic in 2002. 

Because the treatment is non-invasive it is therefore suitable for most adults, children and infants.

Why seek treatment? Most clients seek treatment because their body is unable to fully function, repair or heal to a heightened level. 

Why can't a person's body function at a heightened level? A person's innate functioning and healing mechanisms are dependant on how that person's body is currently configured and wired based on their life’s experiences to date.    
Wired...Configured, what do you mean? Briefly explained...The human body has an energy circuitry system, known as the 'Bio-electromagnetic Circuitry System' which is composed of the electromagnetic fields produced from each cell, tissue and organ in the body1. 
What affects how your body is wired...configured? In short life's experiences... including your past history, traumas, issues, injuries, high's and lows. In fact, everything that they have experienced...the good, the bad and the ugly. From your childhood all the way through to your adulthood. 
How does it affect your body's functioning and healing mechanisms? All of your life's experiences affect the wiring and current configuration and as with all circuitry systems depending on how it is functioning will have an affect on how the physical body is currently performing, its ability to heal and repair. Whilst on a mind level it can affect the way we store information, recall memories and ultimately our perception of the world we live in. 

What is the downside? As with all circuitry systems the human body requires free flow of communication without any blockages or cross wiring. Because your life' experiences cause blockages and a breakdown in communication the body finds itself working in an adaptive fashion unable to fully function effectively or efficiently. Neither can it repair on heightened levels and most importantly it cannot work as effectively on a preventative level.
How can you move forward? Well the good news is that there is nothing permanent about how your body is currently functioning, the way it heals. Similarly on a mind level there is nothing permanent about your perception, what you think, know or do. It is just based on how you are currently configured.  
Do you need to delve into the past? No. Because RaphaYad Bioenergy treatment does not involve cognitive or talk therapy you do not have to journey into the past, the issues or the people. All we are interested is in how you are functioning today and your desire to move forward.  

Is the treatment invasive? No and neither do we use any equipment. Treatment involves hands-on and hands-off techniques. 
How can the brain be re-wired? There are many academics2 who theorises about the plasticity of the brain, which are inline with our observations in the clinic. There is nothing permanent about the way the mind works or how an individual perceives their world. Whether it is emotionally, psychologically or intellectually nothing is set in stone. Just like we learn to stimulate our mind with education the mind is plastic and can be rewired or as others may say, you can press some master rest buttons and loose some of your conditioning, learnt thoughts and perceptions. 
How can energy treatment affect the physical body? Extensive research3 into the interactions of a practitioner and client have been undertaken. Research and trials were conclusive and re-affirms our 8000 hours of clinic work and own theories. Research3  into practitioner's bio-electromagnetic field interactions with that of a clients, have demonstrated that such interactions can have an effect on the cells, tissues and organs of a client. Thereby a practitioner can stimulate the innate repair and healing mechanisms of the client.

Sports Performance

Welcome to the Bioenergy Treatment Training School



Michael Cohen is the founder of the Bioenergy Treatment Research Foundation and an acknowledged International Expert in the field of Bioenergy Treatment.      


The Bioenergy Treatment Training School was established in 2002 by Michael and is highly regarded in the field of Bioenergy Healing. Michael is also founder of RaphaYad TM Bioenergy Treatment.



The Bioenergy Treatment Training School presents a unique opportunity for you to train with its founder, and acknowledged International Expert Michael Cohen. Michael teaches this dynamic form of Bioenergy Treatment for self-treatment all the way through to professional training.


RaphaYad TM Bioenergy Treatment is an established and affective technique.

There are a range of courses for you whether you are a beginner, client, practitioner or if you are just interested in learning how you can you use your hands and energy as an effective and efficient tool on yourself and friends around you. 

Training Courses...

This is your opportunity for you to join an ever-expanding group of students and experience the proven and successful RaphaYad Bio Energy Treatment techniques that he has developed and mastered with you.

I look forward to working with you.  



Current Research Program

Here at The Bioenergy Treatment Research Foundation we have undertaken 8000 hours of clinic-based research into the energy that radiates within and around the human body. Having worked with clients with debilitating and long term emotional, physical and physiological symptoms our research gives a new perspective in respect to the connections between the human energy field and the impact to the mind, the physiological and physical body.

The main subject of our research is that of bioelectromagnetism and bio frequencies, and how a RaphaYadTM Bioenergy Treatment practitioner is able to access his own bioelectromagnetic field and that of a client to affect their mind and physical body.  

Our discoveries have enabled us to theories how everything we experience on a physical, emotional and psychological level are in fact a bi-product of how our bioelectromagnetic field is currently functioning. In particular our mind responds to what we feel on a bioelectromagnetic level in response to memory patterns.

What is exciting about this work is that we can begin to appreciate that a person’s bioelectromagnetic field covers a wide spectrum of the frequencies. That it's flow can change from moment to moment depending on how our body is currently functioning and the affect from other people's bioelectromagnetic fields as well as those from the electromagnetic fields in the wider environment that we live in.